Course Journal

Course Journal

Keep a journal of your learning throughout the course. The course journal will document both the process and the product of your learning.

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If you’re reading this before you have learned about git, you’re probably wondering about repos and commits. We’ll get to these toward the end of Unit 1. For now, please write your weekly process reflections somewhere else. You can add them to this repo once you learn how.


The process will take the form of weekly commit messages posted to this repo. Each commit message should be at least 300 words and should address the following, in whatever format works for you.

  • The number of hours you worked on the class and what you worked on.
  • Reflections on what you’ve been learning, doing, and thinking about this week.
  • Reflections on what’s working and what’s not working, as well as ideas for improving the course.


The product will take the form of a single markdown document ( with the following outline, following Kafai, Proctor, & Lui’s (2019) cognitive/situated/critical framework of CT and Brennan & Resnick’s (2016) concepts/practices/perspectives framework.

  • Introduction (write this at the end of the course)
  • Cognitive (Concepts)
  • Situated (Practices)
  • Critical (Perspectives)
  • Conclusion (write this at the end of the course)